Healthy eating, healthy hair
July 7, 2015
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Healthy eating, healthy hair

We fall hair is a sign that something is wrong in our body. Therefore, it is important to realize that not always for many products we use against hair loss, let’s solve the problem, because it can come by elsewhere.

The causes of hair loss in women:

Lack of iron: thus we see that women with anemia or very heavy periods may have hair loss or have it very thin and poor. It is corrected with good food rich in iron. Interesting foods are spirulina algae, pollen, brewer’s yeast, alfalfa sprouts, beets, nettle, lentils, etc. The dose depends on each case (ask your doctor or specialist advice).

Cervical contracture: in serious cases of cervical contracture there is less blood flow. This can reduce the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed by the hair. Massage, osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture may be some of the right in this case hair loss therapies.

Hormonal disorders: high levels of androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can promote hair loss in women as well as the appearance of polycystic ovaries. One of the plants that can help us is the Sabal (Serenoa serrulata Saw Palmetto in Latin or English). It is sold in health food stores and both doses as a convenience depends as appropriate (ask your doctor or specialist advice)

Dyes aggressive: the continued use of hair dyes and lacquers and other cosmetic products can, in some people, cause hair loss because of allergies or of poor quality. Henna and natural dyes can be an alternative.

High level of stress: the stress level of women is higher and higher as they often work outside the home and is also responsible for most of the housework and childcare. So the high level of stress can also cause hair loss. Research has shown that at present, up to 33% of women perceived to have “less hair” than five years ago.

Dry your hair with violence. Many people use the towel frantically on her wet hair to dry quickly, which is precisely when more brittle it is, and when the pore is enlarged and weak. This starts the hair easily. It is best to press the towel on the hair and leave it to absorb water without moving on the scalp.

Poor diet: we must keep in mind that your hair is like a seedling, and if we do not give the proper nutrients are not adequately developed. The diet should be as varied as possible (vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, etc.).


Food for healthy hair

A balanced diet in protein and amino acids can promote and bolster the health of hair and be useful for better action and performance of treatment undertaken. Good nutrition alone will never be enough to solve hair problems, but it is certain that poor nutrition can worsen the situation of our hair, depriving it of the right nutrients that allow it to be bright, whip and healthy. They are not recommended foods for example frying generally in excess chocolate and fat. Animal fat can contribute to hair loss in addition to general damage occurs to the body.

For hair loss also we recommend taking capsules that are composed of brewer’s yeast, borage oil and wheat germ. In addition they come in handy to have a nice and hard nails. (Available in health food stores).

An effective method to improve circulation to the scalp is the scalp massage. The scalp massage is the most effective hair growth and loss prevention technique. It is something you can do without help or spending money if you learn how to do it, and, of course, if it agrees to devote ten minutes two or three days a week.
Preventive treatment that provides capillary massage consisting essentially strengthen the blood supply to the hair follicle, so that more nutrients and oxygen from reaching the hair and it does not grow at a speed below normal, or die and fall.

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