AJ Linn

AJ Linn se estableció en España hace más de 40 años tras una abreviada carrera en Inglaterra vinculada entre otras cosas con la importación de vinos. Ha vivido en El Puerto de Santa María y Cádiz, ahora Marbella, y durante las ultimas décadas se ha dedicado a varios negocios, hasta que actualmente se limita a escribir sobre vino, gastronomía, flamenco y el estilo de vida español. Aparte de su columna semanal en el Diario Sur, sus artículos se publican con regularidad en medios de habla inglesa, tanto en España como en el extranjero.

Blue Blood

There is a certain hierarchy in the gastronomic world. Meat is king, alongside good wine, foie-gras and caviar. Until recently fish was not really up there on the top table, possibly because within living memory it was the food of[…]

  Rice, the guiding light and the star of flavours in the healthy Mediterranean diet, is the central meeting point for the great food products of Malaga. In this book you will find more than 200 different ways to cook[…]


    For any wine-lover one of the most everlasting memories is a visit to a vineyard during the grape harvest. Few sights epitomise so perfectly what it means to complete an annual cycle of growth than to witness a[…]

Albert Benisty RIP

Albert Benisty RIP It is not easy to ascertain what qualifies as a dynasty. Originally the term was used for royal families and aristocratic bloodlines, later to be extended, somewhat presumptuously, to include anyone whose progenitor and offspring were notable[…]

All that Glitters….

  Frauds never used to bother us. In the old days if you got conned it was usually because you were stupid, or you trusted someone who should not have been trusted. The Internet has changed all that. Nowadays we[…]


Often you are so close to something that you don’t notice it, and it needs an outsider to point it out. On this occasion it was a globetrotting friend, keen observer, and lover of good food. During his recent visit[…]


Brexit if you want to…. AJ Linn The possibility of a Brexit is preying on the minds of UK expats in whatever European country they may have taken up abode, but as it happens we are the lucky ones as[…]


Any wine anorak who has the time, resources and good fortune to be able to tour bodegas around Spain will have to admit it is an impressive experience, but with nearly 70 officially-recognised wine regions, where to begin? I confess[…]

  When a journalist visited the Shuping region of China to report on the long-lived population, he was amazed to find that these centenarians could not care less about living healthily.  Quite the reverse. They almost never ate fruit and[…]


Does the perfect host or hostess exist? Everyone who ever has guests considers themselves the perfect host but many have no idea. Recently I was at a party given by a well-known Marbella businessman. He had the genial idea of[…]