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Teetotal Trump

The media on every level is filled with comments about the US’s new president, even trivial observations like his teetotal habit. Many readers will praise this way if life – although if they live on the Coast they may be[…]

Any regular reader of this column will know I am not a great fan of the Michelin Guide, any more than I am of Robert Parker, but things are changing for the better. The recently-updated Spanish Michelin has raised a[…]

Wino Politics

Spain and the USA normally have little in common on a political level, but recently there have been similarities. The political arenas on both sides of Atlantic run with blood while citizens just gape in amazement at the absurd ways[…]

Wine Tastings

  A sad fact of life is that very few people know how to organise a proper wine tasting. Typically it starts with a phone call. ‘We would like to invite you to a wine tasting on Thursday’ ‘Ah, muy[…]

Commitment to quality begins with the selection of grapes and is followed every step of the way by the company’s winemaker and Managing Director, George Delicata. With state-of-the-art technology, he carefully monitors the process which includes the gentle de-stemming and[…]

In case any reader needs telling yet again, all that glitters is not gold in the world of food and wine writing. As a recent junket demonstrates, the work can be hard, boring and, as in this case, a total[…]


The break-up of the Rioja wine region is still a possibility, as neither side appears to be in surrender mode. The regulatory body (the Consejo Regulador) does not allow producers to identify the village or geographical area a particular wine[…]

Italian Traditions

Let me guess: You are Italian and you have never heard of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Am I right? Well, this does not surprise me, because this ancient tradition recurring on the 24th of December, is an Italian-American celebration[…]

AJ Linn     Recent press reports indicate that about 15% of world air traffic consists of business and professional people travelling to and from conferences and congresses. Clearly any opportunity to get out of the office and eat at[…]

I can not forget it! For some time outside Italy did not eat such a good pizza. Apart from quality ingredients, the advantage of having discovered this pizzeria, is without doubt the pizza dough is fermented. So when you get[…]