Broccoli and spinach , two very Healthy Food
June 8, 2015
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Broccoli and spinach , two very Healthy Food


Broccoli or broccoli is rich in vitamin C and , like all green leafy vegetables , has considerable amounts of B vitamins , potassium, calcium , magnesium , iron and copper complex . Your contribution Zinc promotes better prostate function and sperm quality .

People prone to macular degeneration should have it very present in your diet , because the broccoli is rich in lutein . Ideal for people who need large supply of folic acid and iron (pregnant , nursing , anemic , etc. ) .

Broccoli is a vegetable to be taken into account in the Menopause , since , like soybeans , acts like phyto estrogen , while calcium and provides appropriate where constipation for good input fiber . Broccoli is great in dieting since it nourishes and slimline , and is very low in calories

the Spinach

Spinach is considered a powerful source of minerals, especially iron . Although the amounts of this mineral are important, it is a myth that spinach have large amounts of iron . Not only absorption is variable, but these vegetables have much more of magnesium , calcium, phosphorus , potassium and sodium ; hence they are vital in feeding children and adolescents.

As for vitamins , spinach have lots of beta carotene , vitamin A precursors , which have an important anti-cancer function. Spinach also have vitamin C, but cooking is lost . So in vitamin deficiency states , it is better to take this vegetable in a salad

What is the best way to prepare broccoli and spinach ?

The answer is : the less preparation have , the better. Fresh and vibrant leaves of spinach are best raw and aggregated in large numbers to a wide green salad.

Broccoli is best steamed for 8-10 minutes , alone or with enough water to cover bottom of pan. Both can be seasoned with dressings or sauces that make delicious and nutritious.

They are not only nutritious and delicious , but also contribute to improving our health : they help with digestion and relieve constipation because fiber and also lower blood pressure. Persons suffering from hypertension can take advantage of the healthy qualities of this vegetable a day taking three tablespoons of spinach juice .

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