Foods that help tanning
July 21, 2015
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Foods that help tanning

With the arrival of summer we all want to look good tan.

The clothes fit better when our skin has a beautiful color and see more beautiful. Sun exposure in moderation is also essential to get the amount of vitamin D that our body requires.

Tans our skin to protect against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Even on cloudy days, but we should not forget to protect your skin for maximum benefit without risk.

Besides a good sunscreen (natural and chemical-free !!), we must protect our skin from within, through good nutrition and hydration.

So I’ll leave you with the best foods to get a good (and healthy) tan this summer:

Person preparing spinach
Enslada, our ally for tanning

Water: There can be a beautiful skin without water. We moisturize the skin from within, if we do not begin to flake (we “pelaremos”) and tan Goodbye! Hello wrinkles!

Salads: Include our carrot salad with tomato and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil diet. We provide healthy fatty acids and vitamin E.

Blue fish: Oily fish such as tuna, anchovies and mackerel are rich in omega 3. This essential fatty acid is necessary for maintaining good skin and healthy tan, as it provides elasticity to the skin and prevents dryness and dehydration.

Foods rich in carotenoids: High doses of beta carotene make the skin less sensitive to the sun can increase the effectiveness of sunscreen. The sources of dietary carotenoids found in orange vegetables and dark green such as: carrots, squash, peaches, mango, papaya, persimmons, apricots, persimmons, tomatoes and watermelon. But there are also vegetables with high doses of beta-carotene as in the case of spinach, chard, broccoli, arugula, cabbage and lettuce

With these fables you can take advantage of what nature gives you to achieve a healthy and natural tan this summer, If you join the above tips to proper diet, in addition to helping wear a nice tan will keep you at bay control

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