April 27, 2016
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Does the perfect host or hostess exist? Everyone who ever has guests considers themselves the perfect host but many have no idea.

Recently I was at a party given by a well-known Marbella businessman. He had the genial idea of celebrating the Day of the Armed Forces, also coinciding with the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth of England (he is an anglophile), and the event was a million miles from the usual mind-numbing Marbella party with the same boring faces.

Here there were only good people, friends of a lifetime, lovers of the best things in life such as great food and wine, plus first-rate conversation.

There was a military-style band that played almost without stopping throughout, and came to a crescendo when the guests paid homage to the Spanish flag on the way to the luncheon.

There was nothing lacking. Superb Lepanto food and great Ronda wines, and as I discreetly made for the exit at around eight in the evening, everyone seemed intent on continuing to dance sevillanas and rumbas until dawn.

In ever way a classic fiesta, without even a millisecond’s opportunity to be bored.

Talking of being bored, the worst hosts and hostesses are those that have little interest in food and wine. They insult their guests by serving cheap supermarket wines and cardboard food bought in from somewhere. Worst of all I remember, or rather I prefer not to remember, some horrible parties that a certain foreign lady, now surely rather elderly, used to give at her villa in Guadalmina Baja. Many decades ago she was considered a hostess to be reckoned with, and at her parties it was not unusual to encounter Pakistani generals, businesspeople of questionable reputation, and even ex-terrorists (sorry, freedom fighters).

This lady never tasted alcohol and was a vegetarian. Even her dogs were forbidden meat. Worst of all, she imposed her doctrine on her guests, so no meat, no fish, no eggs, and even the cheeses were vegan.

So if you ever get invited to a party given by a vegetarian lady who does not drink, much less understand wine or good food, beware, you will arrive back home very hungry, probably sober, and certainly bored nearly to death.

Not the perfect hostess.


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AJ Linn

AJ Linn

AJ Linn se estableció en España hace más de 40 años tras una abreviada carrera en Inglaterra vinculada entre otras cosas con la importación de vinos. Ha vivido en El Puerto de Santa María y Cádiz, ahora Marbella, y durante las ultimas décadas se ha dedicado a varios negocios, hasta que actualmente se limita a escribir sobre vino, gastronomía, flamenco y el estilo de vida español. Aparte de su columna semanal en el Diario Sur, sus artículos se publican con regularidad en medios de habla inglesa, tanto en España como en el extranjero.


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