For any wine-lover one of the most everlasting memories is a visit to a vineyard during the grape harvest. Few sights epitomise so perfectly what it means to complete an annual cycle of growth than to witness a[…]

  When a journalist visited the Shuping region of China to report on the long-lived population, he was amazed to find that these centenarians could not care less about living healthily.  Quite the reverse. They almost never ate fruit and[…]

Quizás quisiste decir: La Panzanella es una gran manera de aprovechar el pan duro que nos queda del día anterior. Además, al ser un plato que no necesita cocción es ideal para llevar a la playa. Es un plato de[…]

I have a Dutch friend, Hilde has given me the recipe. She gave it a lady Malaga more than 20 years ago in one of his first trips to Spain. I add it to GastroNews, because this is (for me)[…]

The spat is the more typical summer dish Malaga. Broach is inserted or nail the fish on a platter and grilled on the barbecue coals. Bats are often used items rods and the base where boats are placed are locked[…]

The pizza recipe

If we borrow the slogan borrow the slogan of a weekly food magazine in Italy, we can ensure that “the pizza is certainly the Italian dish that has the largest number of attempts at imitation,” because anywhere in the world[…]

Tuna encebollado

Tuna and onions Bluefin tuna is the pata negra our smares. This fish is used almost everything. Their meat has a 12% fat, which makes it a little fatty pescadoun, but a fat rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps[…]

It is baked rice with minced meat and tomato sauce served with curry. It is much like the baked macaroni, but made from rice, rice is prepared with pork, tomato, curry, bacon, eggs, onion and cheese. Ross il-Forn, a name[…]

The essence of anchovies in Cetara are the perfect condiment for these spaghettis. It’s kind of brine that is so characteristic that will surprise its history and taste! Very summery for these dates I recommend it! In you can[…]


Gazpacho is one of the recipes that have more features. Each one adds or removes any ingredient, according to your taste or opinion. Ingredients to make Gazpacho (for 4 glasses – 1 litre): 1 kilo of tomatoes 1green pepper type[…]