June 10, 2015
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Gazpacho is one of the recipes that have more features. Each one adds or removes any ingredient, according to your taste or opinion.

Ingredients to make Gazpacho (for 4 glasses – 1 litre):

1 kilo of tomatoes

1green pepper type Italiano

1 piece cucumber

1 piece of sliced pan

3 garlic tooth

1 onion

tablespoons vinegar (is optional)

3 tablespoons oil from oliva

1 small spoon with salt

Very well wash the tomatoes, cucumber and pepper.  Grab the jar ass’y and adds inside the bread cut to pieces and tomatoes cut into large chunks. It is better if the tmates you have removed them skin, but it is also optional.   The pimientose to clean it, and removed the seeds, and the corner is cut into four or five pieces peeled garlic clove and put it with the rest of the vegetables.    Pick up the piece of onion (peeled) and cut it into three or four pieces. Add to the Blender jar.  Take a piece of cucumber of about four long toes and pelaloy to the mixer when they are all vegetables turns the mixer (well covered) and leave it running until there is no piece of vegetables later, add the salt, oil and vinegar. You’ll then rectifying according to your taste of salt and vinegar.  If gazpacho has the proper consistency passes to the next step if it doesn’t you can add cold water until it is to your liking.     Leave it in the fridge and serve it very cold!

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