Healthy life


Does the perfect host or hostess exist? Everyone who ever has guests considers themselves the perfect host but many have no idea. Recently I was at a party given by a well-known Marbella businessman. He had the genial idea of[…]

With the arrival of summer we all want to look good tan. The clothes fit better when our skin has a beautiful color and see more beautiful. Sun exposure in moderation is also essential to get the amount of vitamin[…]

We fall hair is a sign that something is wrong in our body. Therefore, it is important to realize that not always for many products we use against hair loss, let’s solve the problem, because it can come by elsewhere.[…]

How to know if we need iron? Symptoms may occur in many ways: when there is constant drowsiness, fatigue or weakness. Some other symptoms include pallor that can be seen especially on the lips or under the eyes, anemia, shortness[…]