Assunta Madre
June 10, 2015
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Assunta Madre

  I never thought Rome would discover a new way of eating shellfish, nor imagined that its quality was optimal.
In the heart of the Eternal City, you are the Madre Assunta amid historic restaurant, just streets in Via Giulia 14.
The secret, fresh fish arriving daily from Terracina a village 92 km. From Rome, in the province of Lazio.

In the kitchen of this restaurant respect the products brought from the sea and do not alter its flavor, both s so it was the first time I ate crawfish and raw shrimp. Against all odds, they were delicious.

Entry tickets can be ordered raw, as they call it there, well worth try langoustines and prawns salmon tartare, tuna are fantastic and many others that are serving bowls for you to try.

First course are highly recommended gnocchetti with police; Also Pachino and pecorino (Italian cheese) with tagliolinia to lobster or other pasta but they are a especilidad of the house are the paccheri with baby squid. Also, fish and fish fry, sole with potatoes, get out much because the raw material is top quality.

The wine is going to step and you can taste wonderful Italian wines with over 100 references.

No wonder you will be encuetres to some Italian famous, while you eat … it is one of the most historic sites and chic all Roma.Abren daily at night and at noon, only to private events.

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